Proofreading is the act of going through a document with a fine-tooth comb and checking every single word / line for spelling, grammatical, and typographical errors.

Everyone needs somebody to proofread their work. Sometimes you can become so used to seeing what is in front of you (especially after numerous edits), that eventually you just don’t see errors anymore.

I am meticulous with my work and always value quality over quantity. You can rest assured that your document will return error free!

No changes are ever made without your approval. From the moment I receive your document, every alteration and suggestion will be flagged with "Track Changes", allowing you to approve every decision before it's incorporated into the final document.

Contact me today, for a free 200-word proofreading trial!

What a proofreader does:

  • Checks for errors in spelling, basic grammar and punctuation.

  • Checking page numbers and headings.

  • Checking font size, line spacings, and sizes.

  • Ensures the document follows the "house style", for example, the Guardian Style Guide.

  • Querying any factual errors.

  • Ensures that graphs, tables, or illustrations are properly labeled within the text.

  • Ensures that the table of contents has accurate chapter titles and page numbers.

  • Checks that references are properly indicated.

  • May make minor changes in word choice if a sentence is confusing or awkward