Whilst proofreading corrects your copy, copy editing revises and corrects your copy.

As a copy editor I will restructure your text, alter the formatting, make stylistic changes and suggest improvements to develop the text’s voice. This will all be completed with your brief in mind to make sure the document keeps within your chosen tone, whilst also suiting the audience and purpose. 

There are different levels of copy editing that range from light to heavy. We will work together to find an option that best suits your needs and budget.

No changes are ever made without your approval. From the moment I receive your document, every alteration and suggestion will be flagged with "Track Changes", allowing you to approve every decision before it's incorporated into the final document.

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Level 1 - Light (proofreading / verification editing) 


Light editing makes sure that your copy is ready for publishing. I will correct matters such as:

  • Spelling

  • Headings and subheadings

  • Grammar

  • Punctuation

  • Capital letters

  • Tables

  • Lists

Level 2 - Medium


The main purpose of medium editing is to make sure the copy is written with a single voice for a single audience for a single purpose, as well as being correct, consistent and accurate.

It's also known as line editing.

Level 2 includes everything listed in level 1, as well as checking:

  • Dates

  • Times

  • Names

  • Figures

  • Calculations

  • URLs

  • Abbreviations

  • Acronyms

  • Use of gender pronouns 

I will also consider the writing style in level 2:

  • It must be written for the reader.

  • It must be written for the purpose.

  • It must be clear, concise and logical.

  • Word usage must be appropriate.

Level 3 - Heavy (substantive / development editing)


This involves applying level 1 plus level 2 editing as well as going deeper into the writing style of your copy. I will additionally be looking at:

  • Tone

  • Generalisation

  • Clarity

  • Tenses

  • Vagueness

  • Consistency

  • Structure of sentences and paragraphs

I will make suggestions to you for rewriting, if needed.

Contact me today, for a free 200-word copy editing trial!